Public Transportation

“BATS” - Boone Area Transit System

County Wide, All Ages
7:30 AM-4:30 PM

Call 765-482-5220 or 317-873-8939

Who is eligible to ride?

BATS provides demand response service to any person who resides in Boone County for a fee.

What is demand response?

Demand response service is curb-to-curb service offered to individuals in our service area or door-to-door upon request. Our service is on a first come first serve basis. Service is limited to our available capacity. Therefore, it is important to call and schedule a ride as soon as possible.

What is the fare?

Over 60 -- donations are accepted for service. There is a suggested donation schedule.

Medicaid -- $1 per one way trip to medical appointments only.

Public -- In your town or city is $3 per stop. $5 per stop outside your town or city.

You must have exact change or a prepaid ticket. Fare tickets are available for purchase from your driver or by contacting the office.

Parking fees -- All parking fees are the passenger's responsibility.

How do I make a reservation?

Call 765-482-5220 or 317-873-8939 as ask for the Transportation Department.

How do I cancel a reservation?

We ask that you provide us notice in advance of your need to cancel a ride. We are aware that emergencies arise preventing you from riding. If you do not call ahead of time you may be subject to action described in the Rider's Guide.

What is my pick-up time?

Pick up times are scheduled so you can arrive at or before your specific appointment time. If unsure, ask when you are making your reservation.

Why can my service be suspended?

Service may be suspended or denied for the following: lack of cooperation with the transportation service, repeated cancellations or no-shows, uncontrolled bowel or bladder condition, or abusive or inappropriate behavior.

What is accessible?

Inform the scheduler if you use one of the following: wheelchair, motorized cart, walker, portable oxygen, service animal or if you have vision or hearing difficulties. The ramps on the vans can accommodate wheelchairs or motorized carts up to 30 inclhes wide. The large vans have a load limit of 600 which would include the wheelchair or motorized cart. Drivers are not able to transport passengers in wheelchairs up or down stairs.

What is my wait time?

Riders should call when they are ready for pick up. Riders will be picked up as quickly as possible for their return trip. You may have to wait up to 30 minutes from the time you call.