Friendly Visitor Program


Generous, compassionate, devoted, caring, and energetic. If any of these words describe you, then you have the characteristics of a volunteer and Boone County Senior Services would love to have you join our Friendly Visitor program.  Volunteers provide a valuable service to our senior community. Whether you can donate an hour a week or three hours five days a week,  you’re providing more than a service, you’re offering a companionship and support to someone in need.

Currently we have clients who need a friend.  As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop lasting friendships, and take pleasure in knowing you are helping others. If you feel you would be a valuable asset to this program or feel like you could add an additional client call today!  A friendly visitor makes regular visits to homebound seniors to offer support, friendship, and concern, visits one day per week for a minimum of one hour and listens and assists the senior as needed. This can include such things as errands or correspondence.


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For more information please contact:

Judy Brower, Director of Volunteer Services

765-482-5220   or   317-873-8939