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Take Advantage of the Nice Weather

After being cooped up in the house for months at a time, senior adults can breathe in the fresh air, even if they have mobility issues. 

The main advantage of heading outdoors it to soak up the sunlight which generates Vitamin D—necessary for the brain, bones and muscle function.  Another key benefit is being outdoors enables elders to socialize and interact with caregivers, other adults, children and animals.

“Those activities can give people an extra spring in their step and are generally uplifting,” says Christina Chartrand at Senior Helpers.

And while you are aware of the benefits, keep in mind the obstacles, such as wheelchair access. 

Here are some suggestions:

Be a bird lover.  If you have a birdhouse, bird feeder or bird bath, checking on them gives you an excuse to get outside.

Picnic outdoors.  Picnics aren’t just for parks.  Front porches and back yards make great picnic spots.

Take a stroll around the house or grounds, if possible.  Everyone’s mobility is different.  If your senior friend is capable, just a 3-4 minute walk can make a big difference.


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