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Anita’s Column ~ January/February 2018

I was so nervous when I said good-bye to my “work family and friends” in Tippecanoe County and embarked on the next leg of my career.  Those people were MY people, and they lifted me up day in and day out.  I was really worried. What if my new Boone County workplace and work community wasn’t so warm and welcoming?  Did they have room for a new friend?

It’s been five years this month since I joined this awesome village at Boone County Senior Services, Inc. (BCSSI), and I could not be more thankful for the way you all have welcomed me and made room for me in your circle of friends.  It feels good to know names; to know what interests you; to hear your ideas and concerns; to strike up a conversation in one of our lobbies or out in the community; to have you ask about me and my family...even my dog. To truly know in my heart that I have new friends. J

Relationships are what BCSSI has been built on for 40 YEARS!!  This isn’t just about me, but the way we do business is by getting to know each other.  By building a trust that you can count on. It’s about continuing to communicate, and learn ways that we can improve and grow. By celebrating successes and carrying each other through difficult times. Literally tens of thousands of relationships have happened thanks to BCSSI through our 40 years of service.

So, during 2018, our 40th Anniversary Year, we’re going to continue to stand true to our core values and to live out our mission, but we’re also going to thank a lot of folks who have made us who we are today, and have given us the opportunity to be an intricate part of Boone County since 1978. In this issue, we start with a great big “thanks” to our founder Margot Corson for her forethought and dedication to bringing BCSSI to life. Her husband Carl continues to be involved with us to this day, and we thank him for his wonderful care through the years.

I hope you will mark your calendar right now for Wednesday, February 14th @ 8:30 a.m. for our Annual Celebration Breakfast with the theme Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover. It will be held at our Lebanon Office, 515 CrownPointe Drive. While we will be highlighting what took place during 2017, we’ll also use the event to kick-off the 40th year of service. More details are in this issue and all are invited!

It seems so fitting to have this Celebration on Valentine’s Day so that we can share the love that we have for what we do with all.  I’ll see you there.

Stay warm & well. Until Next Time,



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