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Anita’s Column ~ Sept/Oct 2017

Do you claim a city or town in Boone County as your “hometown”?  If not, do you go back to visit that place you call “home”?  I believe it’s so important to stay connected to the places that are meaningful to you, and I also think it’s pretty amazing what you can discover and then re-discover again and again about the communities that we live in and have lived in years past.  For one thing, as we age, we see things in a different perspective…

For me, I grew up in West Point, IN (southwest Tippecanoe County), and spent a lot of time around the Lafayette area. When I visit West Point now, I enjoy seeing the beautiful park that has replaced the empty lot where my elementary school once stood. I love that this little burg now has a popular restaurant and even a coffee shop/deli. I treasure the memories that I have growing up in a (very) small town ---- population 594 in the last census. J  I also treasure the view that I can see out my parents’ back door way more than I did when I lived there. The stars shine so bright way out in the country.

When I was growing up, we visited Indianapolis or Fort Wayne to get to the BIG shopping malls. Nowadays, there aren’t too many stores missing from Tippecanoe County, and more are being added all the time.  It’s that way for Boone County, too, where I have now lived for 20 years.  I am grateful for the new shopping and dining opportunities which give me and my family a break from driving, and offer us good stuff right here in our own backyard.  Truly, we have some special treasures that many out-of-towners seek from fun antique stores and boutiques to beautiful parks and unique dining venues, plus much more.

I’d like to challenge you to “get lost in Indiana” this fall by getting out to go for a drive, or letting someone else drive you there (hint: Boone Area Transit System is out and about five days/week with scheduled van trips and opportunities for your personal travel with an appointment). If you have been reading this newsletter in the past, you already know that fall is my favorite season. It’s also my favorite time to get out and explore. Whether heading back to your ol’ stomping grounds, or to meander the neighborhoods around where you now live, take your time going and coming.  Things are always changing and you just might notice or experience something that you haven’t before.  You might want to roll down your window, too…fall has some pretty awesome smells, as well as sights! 

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