Agency Board Members

Agency Board Members are elected for terms of three years with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Commitment to the mission and goals of Boone County Senior Services, Inc.

  • Knowledge of BCSSI’s operations, services, and programs

  • Work to support programs

  • Preserve and promote the values, ideals, goals, and policies of the agency

  • Work on committees to accept and discharge specific responsibilities

  • Be constantly alert for opportunities to further the mission and goals of BCSSI


Board Fundraising Events:

Boone County Senior Health & Wellness Expo

Boone County Polo Charity

BCSSI Olympics


Board of Directors:

Gina Middaugh, President

Don Barnett

Margaret Beelsey

Roger Burrus

Angie Caldwell

Vicki Carr

Roger Henry

Pat Jones

Marilyn Neese

Ann Newsom

Alan Quick

Eric Ragsdale

Maili Sickels-Davis

Cinda Sullivan

Jayne Thompson

Rick Whiteman 


 Anita-Bowman.png  Anita Bowen, Executive Director